Aug 2, 2011 ... I was born in a factory in Switzerland. My companions and I were imported to
Ahmedabad by a rich merchant. He displayed us in a fine ...
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Feb 27, 2014 ... I am a wrist watch. My name is Kohinoor HMT wrist watch. I was a born at
Bangalore ten years ago. I was brought to Calcutta and bought by ...
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Nov 16, 2011 ... I am a wrist watch and i was born some seventy years ago at a small own in
Switzerland. In the light of .... it was good essay I used tution work.
Jul 22, 2012 ... Autobiography of a Wrist Watch, Story of Wrist Watch, Amazing Story about the
Wrist Watch.
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Mar 3, 2009 ... A watch merchant bought me together with my siblings and sent us on a plane to
Singapore. On arrival, we ... However, one day, she forgot to take me off her wrist
when she went swimming. ... Frightening Experience Essay
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Autobiography Of a Pen: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A WATCH I am a wrist
watch and I was born some seventy years ago at a small town in Switzerland.
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Oct 25, 2010 ... I am a beautiful thing that has diamonds on it and shows time. Guess who am I? I
am a pretty watch. My present life is so dreadful and appalling ...
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A wristwatch is designed to be worn on a wrist, attached by a strap or other type
of bracelet. A pocket watch is to be carried in a pocket. There are other variations
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